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Yona Vital-Rabinowitz was born in Israel to parents from East Europe. She worked as a high school teacher for 25 years, teaching literature and Bible, both in Israel and the U.S, where she lived for a few years. After an early retirement, she studied and graduated Interior Decorating at Ort College. Later she studied drawing and painting for two years, and sculpturing for six years with famous teachers- artists in Israel.

The main subject in her work is the Jewish life in Eastern Europe before the Holocaust. The artist wants to preserve the memory of the tradition, the unique characters, the religious way of life, the education, the various trades and occupations, the customs, the tasks of the woman and events in the Jewish "Shtetel", (town).
The figures are realistic, authentic and convey a story and a real situation. The motions, the composition of the figures, the expression of their faces and body and the traditional garments, arouse nostalgic feelings.
The sculptures are made of terra-cotta and of bronze. Judaica art collectors will find some very attractive sculptures, to enrich their Judaica collection.

Yona Vital-Rabinowitz took part in solo and group exhibitions and gained much appreciation. An image of a sculpture appears in the book Pirkei Avot by Professor Shenan.  One sculpture is presented in the lobby of Bar-Ilan's main library.

Yona is a member in the Artist's Association of Ramat-Gan and  Petach-Tikva, Israel.



1.  2008, Beit Hatanach Museum. Curator Mrs. M. ben-Chaim
2.  2009, Bar-Ilan University, gallery of the main library     
     By Prof. Moshe Kave, President.  Curator Mrs. Tamar Vakil.    
3.  2009, House  of the artists gallery, (blue bird). Curator Mrs.   
     Sara Raz.  (Twice)
4.  2010, Petach Tikva, Heichal Hatarbut (hall of culture), main gallery 
     Curator Mr. Doron Polack.
5.  2010, Jerusalem, Heichal Shlomo, " Roots" 
6.  2010, Beit Zarfat, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 
7.  2011, Heichal Hatarbut, Nathania, solo exhibition for the Holocaust memorial day.    
8.  2011, Municipal Gallery, Natania,     
9.  2011, Open Houses Exhibition , Ramat Gan  
10.  2012, Open Houses Exhibition , Ramat Gan


1.  2005, Artists workshop, Ramat-Gan. 
2.  2006, Artists workshop, Ramat-Gan.
3.  2007, culture-art center Tel- Avivv.  Beit Hatanach Museum, Tel-Aviv.  
4.  2008, culture-art center Tel- Avivv.  Beit Hatanach Museum, Tel-Aviv.  
5.  2008, Givataym Theatre  
6.  2009, Givataym Theatre  
7.  2011, Art Gallery, Gan Shmuel, "Shabbat Passover"; 
8.  2011, Municipal Gallery, Artists Association, Nathania. 
9.  2011, Gallery on the Cliff, Nathania. 
10.  2016, Art Gallery, Yad Lebanim, Hod Hasharon. 
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Jewish Wedding
The Test
Bar Mitzva
15 years for Talmod
Bath Mitzva
40 years old
80 years old
A fisherman
50 years old
Cello player
Flee market
Brave woman
Jewish Madona
Pultry Plucker
Rabbi and wife
Pogrom, Riots
Blessing of the boys
Shochet A
Biet Midrash
Water porter
Talit maker
Tuvia the milkman
Cheider Melamed
Bride and groom
Shamash A
3 Clezemers
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