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Dan Graveh  -  Photographer

Dan Graveh  was born in Haifa, Israel. Since childhood the camera was his best friend. Dan is very curious to see the world. Traveling with his camera, he made his way across many countries. Exploring the people , faces, colors and nature attracted him the most. Dan's main interest is to capture moments of people's real life in various situations. His exploration is made through the lance of his camera.

Some of Dan's photographs were published in the International Library of Photography in the U.S.A. and won awards. He also published photographs in various magazines.

Group Exhibitions:
May 2016  -  At the Yad Lebanim Art Gallery,        Hod Hasharon,  Israel.
July 2018 - "555 Special” International Online Art Exhibition, U.S.A

Human Gallery                                           

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All rights reserved to Dan Graveh

Old Woman
Bambo basket weaver -Vietnam
Chop sticks production -Vietnam
Child Mountain tribe -Vietnam
Children Mountain tribe -Vietnam
Children Mountain tribe -Vietnam
Old Woman -Vietnam
In the Market -Russia
Mosccow Russia
15 Minutes Break -Vietnam
Waiting for Client -Vietnam
Reading Newspapare
Couple in love -Budapeshet
Resting in the sun -Moscow
Couple in Love -Germany
Faces -New York
Old Woman -Rohdos
Resting in the Market -Crete
Please Eat Stockholm -Sweden
Sweet Children - Germany
Old man Helsinky -Finland
Old man Helsinky -Finland
Children Helsinki -Finland
Old Cars Rally Stockholm -Sweden
Sun Bath Stockholm-Sweden
Brides -Vietnam
Helsinki -Finland
Moscow -Rusia
Red Hair -Germany
Waiter on Board the Ship