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EDNA RONEL NAHARI   -  Sculptor    
Edna Ronel - Nahari was born in Israel to parents who were both pioneers and among the original settlers in Ramat Hasharon. Edna studied at "Seminar HaKibbutzim" and received her teaching degree in Physical Education. During her studies, one of her assignments was to sculpt the head of a human figure, as well as a full body in motion. This assignment brought such excitement to Edna that she knew one day she would seriously pursue the art of sculpture.
Following the completion of her teaching degree, Edna went abroad for several years to study movement and dance at Martha Graham's School Of Dance in N.Y. Upon her return to Israel, she began teaching movement / exercise classes at the Country Club in Ramat Hasharon, where she also enrolled in a ceramics and sculpting course which was conducted by well known Israel Artist, Helen Atar.
After several years, at the age of 60, Edna began to seriously study sculpture under another famous Israel Artist, Miriam Churi, and began to participate in various exhibitions. In 2002, Edna was accepted into the Artist Association of Ramat Hasharon and participates almost every year in "Open House Exhibitions" as well as solo showings.
Edna sculpts using a variety of natural materials as ceramic and alabaster stone, as well as stone, polyester and bronze casting . Her sculptures range from realistic to abstract portraying explicit details, expressive postures and depth of movement.



2002, Private Exhibition in Edna's studio in Ramat Hasharon


2016- Hod Hasharon, "Human Panorama" Exhibition- Art Gallery Yad Lebanim

2013- Ramat Hasharon, "Ha Maagal" Exhibition - Beit Yad LeBanim

Ramat Hasharon, "Hutzot Galery" in Sderot Weizman

2012- Ramat Hasharon, "Sculptures from Nature" - Beit Yad LeBanim

Ramat Hasharon, "Hutzot Galery" in Sderot Weizman

2011- Ramat Hasharon, "Hutzot Galery" in Sderot Weizman

2010- Haifa, Beit Kastra

2008- Tel Aviv, Beit Asia

2008- Tel Aviv, Beit Hatextil

2002- Ramat Hasharon, " Miriam Churi's Students exhibition" - Beit Eshkol Pais

2016 -Hod Hasharon " Yad Lebanim Art Gallery"

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 Young woman On Vacation
 Young Woman
 Broken Woman =
Bedouin Woman In The Tent
Abstract 2
African Woman
Woman Portrait
 Woman 3
 Japanese Lady
 Woman Figure
 The Lovers
Woman face
Mans Face 2
 Lovers 2
 Abstract 3
 Abstract 2
 Imaginative Bird
 Reaching Up =