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Avi Sharon  -  Painter & Sculptor

Avi Sharon Native and  resident of Hod- Hasharon , Israel, was born on 1951.
Graduated from the Beit Berl College, school graphics, Technicum, Polichnikom-Tel Aviv
Artists  forum member of  Hod - Hasharon
Draws from early  childhood. His paintings decorated the walls of the school where he studied in Magdiel.
In April 1973, presented his work in a group exhibition at the Vaad Hapoel in Hod- Hasharon,, and at June that year represented his city at a national competition at Yad Lebanim in Tel Aviv and won first place.

Avi`s artistic work is expressed in graphic art influenced technique with graphical tools marker and colored pencils. This technique distinguishes him and shows the process of creating realistic and surreal.
In addition, he also specializes in portraiture and sculpture in various materials.
His personal world is a designer with crayons and ink drawing skillfully curled clean and accurate.
Over the years, this artist has developed a personal style, original and unique, and hand signature graphic in nature, resulting from his many years as a graphic designer.
Special charm is in the works of painter who is also a graphic artist, Magic out of the tendency inherent aesthetic graphic design by its nature, and looking for another aesthetic images
Sharon's picturesque world is an imaginary world based on unrealistic connections between images of human images and the natural world..
Existing connection between the work of Sharon realistic images without contact between them, bind him with surrealist artists Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte, which made ??their artistic work as impossible bonding.
Observing the work of Sharon is indeed inspiring in the viewer heart ,a sense of inspiration and goodness, which elevate the soul and gives him moments of charm and beauty.

Exhibitions Avi participated in:

1975 - Group exhibition at the Executive Committee in Hod -Hasharon

July 2010 - Solo exhibition "Roots" white glove Hod - Hasharon

September 2010 - Group exhibition "Bread" multidisciplinary arts center Hod -Hasharon

April 2011
- Group Exhibition "Spring Time" Habimtron (model) of Hod - Hasharon

May 2011
- Group exhibition "Israeli View"  The White Hand of Hod -Hasharon

May 2011 -  Group exhibition "flowering" multidisciplinary arts center

June 2011
- Group Exhibition "Fall" multidisciplinary arts center

September 2011 - Group exhibition "banquet of wine" Habimtron (model) of Hod- Hasharon

December 2011-
Solo exhibition "Visions" The White Hand of Hod - Hasharon

May 2016
- Group Exhibition:""Human View " Art Gallery of Yad Lebanim, Hod - Hasharon

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Baby Deer  H 68 cm x  W 48 cm  Colored Pencils & Ink
Bold Head  H 79 cm x W 49 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Ravishing Iris  H 79 cm x  W49 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Sunflower  H 40 cm x  W 30 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Flamenco Dancers  H 70 cm x W 46cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Friendship H 76 cm x W 50 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Fire Dance  H 76 cm x W 52 Colored Pencils
Wine Feast  H 99 cm x  W 74 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Field Tree  H 70 cm x W 52 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Mother Earth  H 53 cm x  W 35 cm  Colored Pencils & Ink
Eve  H 62 cm x  W 48 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
View H 67 cm x W 48 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Bird of Paradise Flower  H 38 cm x  W 32 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Common Iris  H 38 cm x W 32 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Toolip look  H 37 cm x W 37cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Woman with flowers  H 37 cm x W 37cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Saxophone H 38 cm x W 32 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Zebra H 38 cm x W 32cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Sacrifice  H 78 cm x W 52cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Sabres H 108 cm x W 78 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
50th anniversary to Hod Hasharon  H 78 cm x W 54cm Colored Pencils & Ink
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