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Avi Sharon  -  Painter & Sculptor

Born and resident of Hod-Hasharon Born in 1951, graduate of graphic schools, Technicom, Polytechnicom Tel Aviv, graduate of Beit Berl In April 1973, he exhibited his paintings at the exhibition, at the Hod-HaSharon House and Executive Committee, and won first place, and in June 1973 he represented Hod-Hasharon in the competition In Tel Aviv and won first place. .Presented his works in many exhibitions in Israel and abroad. He creates exhibitions and teaches painting.

With every waking to say thank you and fill your lungs with a multitude of tastings and scents and to marvel again and again at the beauty of nature, and the strong springs of the world that kisses life.

. This delicate, sensitive and rich poetry of artist Avi Sharon, a painter and poet, is a direct reflection of the magical and dreamy world as Sharon seems to admit in his poem to nature that he has given him a unique gift - a painting hand. However, in addition to this native talent, he looks at nature with a look of inspiration, as one who knows how to thank God and the beauty that envelops the universe in graceful poetry. Sharon's signature reflects his inner world, which he designs in pencil colors curling skillfully in a light, flowing, clean and precise drawing. Over the years, this artist has developed his original and unique personal style which stems from his many years of work as a graphic designer. A special charm exists in the works of a painter who is also a graphic artist, his picturesque world of Sharon is an imaginary world based on unrealistic connections between images from the natural world and human images: a flower which grows from the cold and turns into a bird. An elliptical thorn that looks at the inquisitive poor in its surroundings, a mermaid marching in an arm combined with a man dressed as a human being, and whose head is like a turkey, trees clasped like two women with crowns of hair. Lush vegetation becomes human, while a delicate feminine image becomes a sensual flower in Sharon's pencil sketches perhaps the rural character of Hod- Hasharon has developed the inspiring imagination of this artist, who has been a painter since childhood Indeed, Sharon's work has a taste of the past, both in terms of style and in terms of the legendary nature of the images. Legendary images inhabit the work of another artist of the Renaissance, who was unique and different in the artistic arena of his era, Giuseppe Aarcimboldo.

This artist created human images from the ensembles of plants, fruits and vegetables, the connections existing in Sharon's work between images are unrealistic, raising the consciousness of surrealist artists such as Salvador Dali and René Magritte, whose artistic work focuses on impossible connections between characters and objects. From this perspective, Sharon's work Aspiring to express abundance and beauty, and invites an aesthetic and spiritual experience, raising questions about the nature of the universe. From this perspective, looking at Sharon's work alongside his delicate poems does indeed create a sense of inspiration and goodness that elevate his soul and give him moments of magic and beauty.

Exhibitions Avi participated in:

1975 - Group exhibition at the Executive Committee in Hod -Hasharon

July 2010 - Solo exhibition "Roots" white glove Hod - Hasharon

September 2010 - Group exhibition "Bread" multidisciplinary arts center Hod -Hasharon

April 2011
- Group Exhibition "Spring Time" Habimtron (model) of Hod - Hasharon

May 2011
- Group exhibition "Israeli View"  The White Hand of Hod -Hasharon

May 2011 -  Group exhibition "flowering" multidisciplinary arts center

June 2011
- Group Exhibition "Fall" multidisciplinary arts center

September 2011 - Group exhibition "banquet of wine" Habimtron (model) of Hod- Hasharon

December 2011-
Solo exhibition "Visions" The White Hand of Hod Hasharon

May 2020 - Group exhibition "Botanicals” 2020 Art Exhibition" - International Online Art Exhibition, U.S.A


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Baby Deer  H 68 cm x  W 48 cm  Colored Pencils & Ink
Bold Head  H 79 cm x W 49 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Ravishing Iris  H 79 cm x  W49 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Sunflower  H 40 cm x  W 30 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Flamenco Dancers  H 70 cm x W 46cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Friendship H 76 cm x W 50 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Fire Dance  H 76 cm x W 52 Colored Pencils
Wine Feast  H 99 cm x  W 74 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Field Tree  H 70 cm x W 52 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Mother Earth  H 53 cm x  W 35 cm  Colored Pencils & Ink
 Eve  H 62 cm x  W 48 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
View  H 67 cm x W 48 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Bird of Paradise Flower  H 38 cm x  W 32 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Common Iris  H 38 cm x W 32 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Toolip look  H 37 cm x W 37cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Woman with flowers  H 37 cm x W 37cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Saxophone H 38 cm x W 32 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Zebra H 38 cm x W 32cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Sacrifice  H 78 cm x W 52cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Sabres H 108 cm x W 78 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
50th anniversary to Hod Hasharon  H 78 cm x W 54cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Sacrifice  H 78 cm x W 52cm Colored Pencils & Ink
Sabres H 108 cm x W 78 cm Colored Pencils & Ink
50th anniversary to Hod Hasharon  H 78 cm x W 54cm Colored Pencils & Ink
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